Quixo is a simple little abstract strategy game for 2 players (it can be played with 4 but doesn't work as well). The game resembles a cross between tic-tac-toe (nought and crosses) and go-moku (five in a row). The mechanics are similar to those used in a number of maze games.

Quixo was invented by Thierry Chapeau and published in the US by Gigamic Games. As well as Quixo "Classic" you can also buy a travel edition.


Quixo - Travel Edition

How to Play

The Quixo board is a five by five square. Also used are 25 special dice. These are blank on four faces and have an X and O on each of the others. Initially all the dice are placed on the board so that a blank is face up.

The rules of Quixo are extremely simple. One player is X the other O. Each in turn takes any die from along the outside of the board which is showing either their symbol or a blank. They then turn this to show their symbol and insert it at one end of the row or column from which it came, pushing the remaining dice to fill the space it left. Thus if a cube is taken from a corner the player has two options as to where to re-insert it, if taken from the side the player has three options.

Play continues until one player makes a line of five of their symbol, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

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