Infinity Wars Review

If you like Collectible/Trading Card Games (CCG/TCG) and want something more sophisticated than Hearthstone then you might want to look at Infinity Wars (IW). It’s one of the only two CCGs I play (the other is Faeria).


Infinity Wars from Lightmare Studios is a Trading Card Game with all that entails: you collect cards of different types and build decks which then do battle with each other. Much of it will be familiar: Character cards have an attack power and health, you draw a card each turn and spend Resources to play them. However there are a number of significant differences between Infinity Wars and most other TCGs.

For a start the battlefield is more than just a row of characters each side. There are several different ‘Zones’ and deciding in which zone to place each Character is a major part of the strategy. IW doesn’t have the full board and Character movement of Faeria, but it’s a lot more advanced than most others.

Then there’s the interesting Commander/Purity system. There are eight Factions in the game (along with Factionless cards). Each faction has its own play style and which you can include in a deck depends on the Faction allegiance of your three chosen Commanders. So you can choose: a pure single Faction deck (triple purity) or a mix of less powerful characters from different Factions. This makes for more interested deck building and game play.

I’ve left the most significant gameplay element to last: simultaneous turns. Instead of players taking turns, both players plan their moves then the turn is resolved with both acting simultaneously This adds a lot more strategy and subtlety as you try to outthink/outguess/outbluff your opponent. I don’t know of any other online TCG that works this way.

Decline and… Rise?

Unfortunately Infinity Wars failed to get the player base it needed when first launched. This combined with a plethora of bugs and a spectacularly bad card set release (Ascension) almost killed the game.

Then at the end of 2016 it was announced that Yodo1 Games was joining forces with Lightmare to rebuild and relaunch the game. Since then there has been a lot of activity in terms of bug fixing and balance changes and the game is looking healthier than it has for a long time.

At the time of writing no official date for the relaunch has been given.

If you like the sound of Infinity Wars then you can download it via Steam or at the official site:
I’ve started my own dedicated site with information on the game which you can find here: