Faeria Review

Faeria from Abrakam Entertainment is one of the only two Collectible Cards Games (CCG) I play (the other is Infinity Wars). So why do I like it so much?


Faeria follows the model of most TCGs: you gain cards and build a deck then take the deck into battle againts another player. There are Creature Cards, Events (spells) and Structures divided into four colour based Factions plus a netutral Faction.

What makes the game different is the board. Not only does it have a real board where movement and positioning matter but the board is created by the players: what the game creators call a ‘living board’.

The board is made from hexes which are initially empty (‘ocean’ terrain). Each turn a player can lay one coloured land or two neutral lands. Lands not only provide the board on which creatures are summoned, move and fight but are also one of the factors determining which cards you can play. The player’s choice of colour avoids the dreaded ‘mana famine’ of certain other games.

Building the board is hence of critical strategic importance. Do you build towards your opponent to get offensive position, or build near home in order to defend? Do you give up positional advantage in order to reach the Faeria Wells which provide Resources? Or do you swap a turn’s build for an extra Resource or card?

There are also special cards that take advantage of different types of terrain as well as a few that can change or even destroy it.

It’s this combination of traditional CCG play with positional play and board creation that makes Faeria so different and playable.

I like the game so much I’ve started a new site dedicated to it: Faeria Fan.