Factorio Vehicles

There are two different player transport vehicles currently available for the player to drive in Factorio: the Car and the Tank. In this post I’ll talk about what they’re for and how to make & use them.


Vehicles are built in exactly the same way as any other item in the game. They can either be crafted ‘in hand’ or in an Assembling Machine (factory) of appropriate size. Personally I don’t see the point of dedicating an Assembler to this job however you will need an Assembler to create the required Engine Units.

Once you’ve built your vehicle you can then – somewhat implausibly – either carry it with you or store it in a chest.

Actually getting into and using the vehicle caused me some problems; I have to admit it took me a while to work out how to get in a car! What you do is place the vehicle on the ground, stand next to it and press ‘Enter’ (to ‘enter’ the vehicle, see what they did there?) You can change that key under Options-Controls-Game.

Once in your car or tank you control it using the standard WASD keys. I found this quite difficult and kept running into things – which causes damage to them. If you’re as bad at driving as I am you’ll want to spawn your vehicle away from your factory.


factorio-carTo build a car you must research the technology Automobilism along with Engine for the Engine Units. Both of these are Green Era (level 2) technologies.

Cars are fast and can carry a lot of items – they have a storage capacity of 80 slots. This makes them good for exploring, for travelling between outposts of your planet and for transferring items when you don’t have automated transport systems in place.

You’ll need fuel for the car, anything combustible that you can use in a burner will do

Cars do have a gun for close range, but they’re not really designed for combat and only have 200 health.


To build a tank you must research the technology Tanks – which has Automobilism and Military 3 as prerequisites – along with Engine for the Engine Units. Tanks and Military 3 are Blue Era (level 3) technologies.

You’ll also need Advanced Circuits (the red ones) which in turn require Plastic Bars, so you wont be able to get a tank until you have an oil processing network in place.

The tank is basically a slower version of the car with the same storage space and additional combat abilities. Its health is 1000 and as well as a gun it also has a longer range canon.

Despite that mine still get destroyed, either by the aliens or by my bad driving…