Infinity Wars Deck Size

Unlike some games, Infinity Wars doesn’t have a fixed deck size. Your deck must contain at least 40 cards (plus your Commanders), but it can have more – it’s up to you how many cards to include. So what’s the best size for a competitive deck?

Flexibility vs Access

There are two competing factors at work. On the one hand, a large deck gives you flexibility. You can include cards to deal with any situation you might face: cards like Vandalize to get rid of Artefacts, Defense Golem in case you meet fliers, Assassinate for emergencies, etc. Whatever your opponent has, you’ll have a counter somewhere.

The downside is that with a large deck you might have the right card but you’re less likely to draw it. You’ll probably spend a lot of turns wasting 3 resources at the Trading Post as you desperately hunt for the one card you really, really need.

Which Is Best?

Beginners at the game usually go with ‘flexibility’ and have large decks. I know when I started my decks tended to have 60 or 70 cards because I just had so many cool, useful cards in my collection that I couldn’t bring myself to leave out. I lost a lot of games!

Conventional wisdom amongst the top players is to go the other way and keep your deck to the minimum of 40 cards; the weekly free decks created by Lightmare all have 40 cards.

Personally I like a little more flexibility than this. I tend to run decks that are between 45 and 50 cards in size.


The introduction of the Overcharge mechanism in the Order set changed the situation. Now it’s possible to make use of otherwise unwanted cards to Overcharge other ones. So if you include a card then find you aren’t gonna need it it’s no longer wasted if you have Overcharge characters as well.

There are relatively few Overcharge characters at the moment, so this change hasn’t had a massive effect yet. As more are released with future sets I expect recommended deck size to rise slightly.