Infinity Wars Factions

There are eight different Factions in Infinity Wars, each with their own play styles. It can be a bit overwhelming when you start playing the game and don’t know what they do – how do you work out which is best for you? Trial and error is fun, but to speed things up for beginners here’s a list of the Factions with a brief description of each:

  • Cult Of Verore
    Verore are death worshippers. They specialise in board control especially through offensive abilities such as Mass Death.
  • Descendant Of The Dragon
    DoD specialise in playing a defensive game, wearing the opponent down and often winning through Morale.
  • Exiles
    The Exiles are chaotic demons. They have a lot of abilities based around the RNG – ie luck. Strong but difficult for a beginner to play.
  • Flame Dawn
    Fearless (stupid?) fighters, the Flame Dawn are a simple rush Faction. Good choice for a beginner.
  • Genesis Industries
    GI specialises in building and bufing mechanical characters. Very powerful but very difficult for a beginner.
  • Overseers Of Solace
    Depending on your point of view these are either angels or flying rats. They specialise in flying over the heads of defenders.
  • Sleepers Of Avarrach
    My favourite faction, these are undead zombies that specialise in Graveyard control and bringing characters back from the dead.
  • Warpath
    Another good choice for a beginner, Warpath is a fighting faction that specialises in more expensive, more powerful cards. So they go for a late game massive attack rather than an early rush.

You can fnd out more about the Factions and the lore behind them here: IW Factions