Tips For Playing Sleepers (Infinity Wars)

Sleepers100The Sleepers of Avarrach are my favourite faction in Infinity Wars. If you’re new to the game then here are a few tips to help you play them better and (hopefully) show you how to win more games:

List Of Sleepers Tips

•   Don’t Fear The Reaper
Unlike most factions the Sleepers can actually benefit from having their characters killed off. Cards such as Recurring Nightmare, The Last Sleeper and Sleeper of Avarrach get stronger if they’re sent to the graveyard then brought back. Cards such as Infested Hulker and Endless Horde benefit from other cards being in the graveyard.

•   Pack a Shovel
Getting your characters killed is one thing, you also need a way of bringing them back to life again! The Last Sleeper returns automatically, Recurring Nightmare can be played directly from the Graveyard. For others you’ll want to includes cards such as Awaken or Raise Dead. If you have Agent Coyle, Superior Symbiote (an Epic card) he can also bring you characters back for you. For mass revival you have the Hehkeem, The Corrupted or Avarrach Has Risen.

•   Mind Your Morale
Getting your characters killed then bringing them back to life is great fun but it can be a massive Morale drain. You need to watch out for this especially if playing against the Descendants of the Dragon who specialise in morale draining decks. You also need to be very careful against Verore: playing Hehkeem, The Corrupted or Avarrach Has Risen can often win the game but not if your army is immediately wiped out by Desolation or Mass Death.

•   Theft Is Property
One of the resons I enjoy playing Sleepers so much is their ability to steal cards from the other player. Nothing beats winning against an opponent by using their own cards! Sleepers have several mechanisms for grabbing cards off an opponent including Infectious Zombie, Kyrallic Origin of the Virus, Eaten By Zombies, Corrupted Machinery and – indirectly – Tome Of The Dead. Use these often.

•   Watch The Skies
The Sleepers have almost no defence against characters with Flying. So Overseers decks with their angelic hordes are particularly awkward to play against. Cards like Drag Down help and you can also use Factionless cards with Reach such as Defense Golem. Eaten By Zombies is useful here but can miss if your opponent dodges to the support zone. A combo of Fear and Called Shot works well, but it’s still probably worth having an Assassinate in your deck to deal with cards like Lilariah or a dragon Coyle. If faced with an army of fliers then The Calamity might be your only option.

So there you have it, my top tips for playing the Sleepers faction in Infinity Wars. If you’ve been affected by any of the issues raised in this post please see the List Of Sleepers Cards page at