Eternal is a new collectable card game (CCG) from Dire Wolf Digital. It’s still in Early Access on Steam and has just gone into open beta. Lots of people have described Eternal as being like a cross between Hearthstone (HS) and Magic the Gathering (MTG). Now I’ve never liked either HS or MTG, so for [Read more…]

Faeria Review

Faeria from Abrakam Entertainment is one of the only two Collectible Cards Games (CCG) I play (the other is Infinity Wars). So why do I like it so much? Review Faeria follows the model of most TCGs: you gain cards and build a deck then take the deck into battle againts another player. There are [Read more…]

Infinity Wars Review


If you like Collectible/Trading Card Games (CCG/TCG) and want something more sophisticated than Hearthstone then you might want to look at Infinity Wars (IW). It’s one of the only two CCGs I play (the other is Faeria). Review Infinity Wars from Lightmare Studios is a Trading Card Game with all that entails: you collect cards [Read more…]