Factorio Weapons


Combat is an unavoidable part of Factorio; even if you set the options to ‘Peaceful mode’ when you start a game you’ll still need those Alien Artefacts. To this end you have three slots for hand held weapons at the bottom right of the screen (the other slot is for a mining tool and armour). [Read more…]

Factorio Vehicles


There are two different player transport vehicles currently available to the player in Factorio: the Car and the Tank. In this post I’ll talk about what they’re for and how to make & use them. Logistics Vehicles are built in exactly the same way as any other item in the game. They can either be [Read more…]


Unlike some games, Infinity Wars doesn’t have a fixed deck size. Your deck must contain at least 40 cards (plus your Commanders), but it can have more – it’s up to you how many cards to include. So what’s the best size for a competitive deck? Flexibility vs Access There are two competing factors at [Read more…]

Colour In Games

Colour is an important part of modern video games. It’s not just there for decoration it serves numerous practical purposes: it can distinguish between safe and dangerous areas, show scoring opportunities, highlight significant details and much more. Colour is simple and important – but a lot of games get it wrong. According to statistics, around [Read more…]

One of my pet hates in video games is Save Points. It doesn’t matter if I’m playing a shooter, a platformer or an RPG I want to be save pretty much anywhere anywhere. But despite a few honourable exceptions save points are still found across all game genres. Why is this? To understand the save [Read more…]

Faeria Review

Faeria from Abrakam Entertainment is one of the only two Collectible Cards Games (CCG) I play (the other is Infinity Wars). So why do I like it so much? Review Faeria follows the model of most TCGs: you gain cards and build a deck then take the deck into battle againts another player. There are [Read more…]

Infinity Wars Factions


There are eight different Factions in Infinity Wars, each with their own play styles. It can be a bit overwhelming when you start playing the game and don’t know what they do – how do you work out which is best for you? Trial and error is fun, but to speed things up for beginners [Read more…]

Infinity Wars Review


If you like Collectible/Trading Card Games (CCG/TCG) and want something more sophisticated than Hearthstone then you might want to look at Infinity Wars (IW). It’s one of the only two CCGs I play (the other is Faeria). Review Infinity Wars from Lightmare Studios is a Trading Card Game with all that entails: you collect cards [Read more…]