Hello Games has released a new patch for the universe exploration game No Man’s Sky. Although ‘patch’ is the wrong word for this massive update, it’s almost a new game. There’s a huge amount in this release, known as the Path Finder Update, here are the highlights: ExocraftYou can now build planetary vehicles, once you [Read more…]


Written for Rimworld version 0.16 Animal husbandry can be really useful once your Rimworld colony becomes sufficiently established. After you’ve tamed a breeding pair then you can start an animal farm to produce valuable trade goods as well as consumables such as eggs and milk. And if worse comes to worse you can always slaughter [Read more…]


Eternal is a new collectable card game (CCG) from Dire Wolf Digital. It’s still in Early Access on Steam and has just gone into open beta. Lots of people have described Eternal as being like a cross between Hearthstone (HS) and Magic the Gathering (MTG). Now I’ve never liked either HS or MTG, so for [Read more…]

It’s a big day for one of my favourite games – Infinity Wars is now Reborn as it officially comes out of Beta. Infinity Wars is a collectible Trading Card Game (TCG). Unlike many such games where two rows of cards line up and take turns thumping each other, IW is far more sophisticated. The [Read more…]

Factorio Weapons


Combat is an unavoidable part of Factorio; even if you set the options to ‘Peaceful mode’ when you start a game you’ll still need those Alien Artefacts. To this end you have three slots for hand held weapons at the bottom right of the screen (the other slot is for a mining tool and armour). [Read more…]

Factorio Vehicles


There are two different player transport vehicles currently available for the player to drive in Factorio: the Car and the Tank. In this post I’ll talk about what they’re for and how to make & use them. Logistics Vehicles are built in exactly the same way as any other item in the game. They can [Read more…]


Unlike some games, Infinity Wars doesn’t have a fixed deck size. Your deck must contain at least 40 cards (plus your Commanders), but it can have more – it’s up to you how many cards to include. So what’s the best size for a competitive deck? Flexibility vs Access There are two competing factors at [Read more…]

Colour In Games

Colour is an important part of modern video games. It’s not just there for decoration it serves numerous practical purposes: it can distinguish between safe and dangerous areas, show scoring opportunities, highlight significant details and much more. Colour is simple and important – but a lot of games get it wrong. According to statistics, around [Read more…]

One of my pet hates in video games is Save Points. It doesn’t matter if I’m playing a shooter, a platformer or an RPG I want to be save pretty much anywhere anywhere. But despite a few honourable exceptions save points are still found across all game genres. Why is this? To understand the save [Read more…]