Bedlam Cube

The Bedlam Cube is a 3D geometric assembly puzzle that is similar in principle to the classic Soma Cube. Whereas the Soma Cube is a 3x3x3 cube dissection, the Bedlam Cube is 4x4x4. All you have to do is to tip the pieces out of the box then reassemble them to form a cube. Much easier said than done! The Soma cube has 240 unique solutions whereas the Bedlam Cube has 19,186 - which in no way makes the Beldlam cube easy.

The Bedlam Cube was invented by Lancashire man Bruce Bedlam who gave his name to the puzzle - the English meaning of the word bedlam is a happy coincidence. The puzzle was launched in Hamleys London store and went on general sale in 2005.

There are thirteen parts to the puzzle, each different. Twelve of these are pentacubes (each made of five small cubes) and one is a tetracube (made of four small cubes). A little simple maths confirms that (12x5)+4 = 64 = 4x4x4

You can buy the Bedlam cube in a number of designs and also special variants. For example, you can buy an Egglam cube where a number of the smaller cubes are yellow and the rest white. To solve this puzzle you must not only rebuild the cube but do so with the yellow "yolk" in the centre! This reduces the number of valid solutions down to a mere 198 and is advertised as the most difficult version.

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